Sunday, April 10, 2011


I am horrible at keeping up with this blog! It seems like everytime I go to write something I run out of energy or I don't know what to write about.
I feel like I am constantly busy but with nothing of substance. But I guess that is how it goes when you work 40+ hours a week!
This past friday I went in to have laproscopy done to look for endo. The good news is that they found none! But it turns out that my appendix had an infection and had to be removed. The infection had spread and basicly "glued" some of my organs together. The doctor was able to pull everything apart and hopefully now I'll start feeling better. Right now I am just sore and swollen. The pain isn't nearly as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. Maybe soon I'll be running marathons!
The last couple of weekends I have been hanging out at the beach. The weather has been perfect for it but the water is freezing! It will be a while before I get brave enough to get in!
Bushwackers on the beach!

Poor Roxy had to have a tumor removed from her tail and had to wear a cone.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekly Randoms

~  The weather has been amazing this past week, I imagine this is what it is like to life in California or Hawaii. I wish it could be like this all year. Since the weather has been so nice Roxy and I have hitting the hiking trails.
A Jackson Oak. One of the largest trees in the area. During the Civil War General Jackson would climb to the top of the trees so look for the "Yankees" and he could see over Mobile bay.

~ Last weekend I went with my family to the Chili Cookoff. We had a great time and there were some really good chili's and some really awful ones!

~ I went to lunch at Pensacola beach the other day and the beach was loaded with people and it was only in the 70's. I love going down to the beach in the summer to people watch, you would never believe some of the things I see.

~ This weekend I am headed to Louisiana with my mom and Aunt to visit family. I'm excited to go, I haven't been back in about 5 years. Good food, Mardi Gars and old friends, cant wait!

~ Work has been awful lately. They laid a few people off last week and are supposed to lay off more people this week. I was told earlier in the week that I may have to take on a diffent job then what I am currently doing. I am not sure how I feel about it but at this point I don't really care any more.  The oil industry is a tuff business.

~ I went to the doctor this morning and I get to have a colonoscopy. I a terrified of the "drink"!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Shirt: Brown Eyed Girl

Shirt: Kohls

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft

Shirt: Francesca's

On Friday's I typically wear an Auburn shirt. Gotta represent the Alma Mater even though football season is over!

Shirt: Target. Love this shirt because of the legth and its not clingy. I hate when shirts touch my stomach, just doesn't feel right!

Friday, February 18, 2011

SUYL: Alma Mater!

I graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Transportation and Supply Chain Management.
I loved my time there and Auburn offered everything I was looking for in a College. From students playing disc golf in the quad to studying on Samford lawn to tailgating. For being such a large college it had a very laid back atmosphere and beautiful campus, which is what drew me to the campus.

The Auburn spirit is one that you automatically notice. Everybody (fans, students, Alumni) all have a love for Auburn that I have never seen before. I know it sounds odd but we are one big family. Through the scandels and now the heart break of Toomers Corner, the family has stuck together.

Toomers Corner
Toomers Corner is where the Auburn Family goes to celebrate. It can be a football win over Bama, a swim meet, and even graduation. It is tradition to roll the tree for any type of celebration. It is really something you have to see in person and be a part of to really get the understanding and concept of what it is to be an Auburn fan.When you are a student there you dream of taking your kids to Toomers to roll the tree after a big win and then walking across the street to Toomers drugs for a hand squeezed Lemonade. Recently tragedy struck our beloved tree. A rival fan poured a herbicide on the trees and they are certain to die. 200 year old trees and a 100 year old tradition are slowly falling apart. I've been almost in tears about what is happening and cannot believe its happening. I am praying they can save the trees.
Roxy celebrating at Toomers Corner after an Iron Bowl win!


Student section

Roxy Tailgating!

War Eagle!
I think one of our greatest traditions is our eagle. Before kick off the eagle circles the field! Its an amazing sight! She even flew in the olymipics several years ago!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beauty Regime

I decided to link up to Kelly's Korner today to show you my daily "beauty" routine.
I have had acne since I was about 11. Now being 27 I can honestly say I have tried every pill, cream, peel, etc.  For the most part I have finally gotten my skin under control.
I get a microdermabrasion about every 4 weeks. It really helps products to soak into you skin and would def recommend everyone get one whether you have dry or oily skin.
Clearsonic Brush: I use this almost daily. I leave it in the shower.

I interchange these two facewashes. Love the Obagi wash, it makes my face tingly, like menthol!

I have dry skin so I put on the Aveeno and let it soak in and then put a thin layer of the dermalogica on the dryier areas.

I interchange these two toners.

I put this on the bad area's of my face and direct on pimples. It makes you peel slightly but I am hoping it makes my skin look fantastic.

I love this eye cream. Its not oily and soaks in well.

This is a face steamer that I use. I highly recommend getting one. I use mine every few days. It helps to get the gunk out of your pours and makes your skin look fresh.

Also after I steam my face I use the Bosicia Luminizing Black Mask from Sephora. It sucks out the gunk in your pores. But you have to be careful not to get any near your eyes.

For my hair I typically just use Suave or Head and Shoulders. I occasionally use Bumble and Bumble products but I really dont see where they make a difference in my hair.
To straighten my hair I use a Maxi Glide. This is by far the best straightener I have ever used and it doesn't kill my hair. I can go months now without having split ends.

What I wore

I am so sick of the cold weather! I am a hot weather type of girl and I don't own a lot of sweaters. This has been a killer winter, but I am lucky enough to be far enough south to not have to deal with the crazy snow.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The missing ovary

I have had some health problems for about 10 years. It finally got to the point where I needed to find out what was going on. I am tired of constantly feeling bad and having to break plans because I feel so awful.
I had my yearly exam, and after talking with the Dr they decided to do an ultrasound. From what they could see my colon is enlarged and they couldn't find my right ovary, then they said the one word I was hoping would not be what is wrong with me, Endometriosis. It took everything I had in me to not cry in the office. All I have ever wanted is to be a mom and I feel like that is slowly being taken away.
I got to a Gastro Dr in a couple of week to see what is going on with my colon and then I will go back to my gyno to have laproscopy. I'm terrified as to what they may find.